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It’s hard work to make a team work

You often wonder how you and your team can achieve true breakthroughs, e.g. with regard to realising your plans, improving an inefficient collaboration or fostering a culture in which everyone takes more responsibility, effectively talks to each other about problems and optimally utilises diversity.

We are eager to work with you and your organisation to ensure the desired development is successful. We start by considering your organisation’s strengths, which we then use to determine what it will take to realise your ambitions.
Together, we will identify and resolve the issues that are holding you back, so you can bring out the best in your leaders, teams and – ultimately – your organisation as a whole. In our approach, we rely as much on tough love as on a gentle touch and we are not afraid to admit that we don’t have all the answers all the time, either.
We feel right at home when we are asked to shake things up a bit and create space for the unspoken issues and help resolve them. This strengthens your team members’ interpersonal relationships and allows them to achieve the desired results in a more successful and enjoyable manner.
If it is up to us, we will remain your partner until there is a feasible plan in place that will help the organisation or the team stay the course for the foreseeable future. It goes without saying that we will keep in touch after that period as well, because we know from experience that working in a team is hard work!

"Claire and Marion master the art of providing very effective, tailor-made programs. In their approach they really try to get under the skin of the organisation, have a very consistent way of working, but are also very conscious of the cultural differences between countries, functional departments and individual leaders. Over the many years that we've been working together, they succeeded in creating one language and common focus regarding team and leadership development in our company."
Stijn Steendijk, Member of Executive Committee ForFarmers - 2019

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