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We often don’t hear what others try to say

We help leaders and teams communicate more effectively, so they can make smarter and more impactful decisions together.

We do so by organising moments of reflection, action and dialogue about e.g. the strategy, the interaction, the organisation’s culture or its leadership. These moments may range from sessions for small teams of two, to gatherings that mobilise the entire organisation to implement improvements. We like to work outside and on the work floor to translate new insights into decisive actions.
Each process begins with a two-day gathering designed to create a joint starting point in a comfortable setting. We start by exploring the team’s functional and dysfunctional patterns with the help of a challenging team game. Next, we delve deeper by establishing connections between the external environment, the ambition, the (team) culture and the individual. Lastly, we work together to determine what needs to be done, how and by whom. Our expertise lies in our ability to uncover the essence of the issues at hand and shed light on the concrete steps you can take to move forward.

What we do
Organisational development
Team development and conflict resolution
Leadership development
Our Clients

“It seems so simple, but it is a challenge every single day to genuinely listen to each other and hear what people need, to bring out the best in themselves in an enjoyable manner.”


With our approach, we bring extensive experience, up-to-date knowledge of our field and various useful methodologies to the table. We are trained in the methods of Voice Dialogue, Real Drives, Corporate Anthropology, Deep Democracy, Systemic working and Organisational formations. Ultimately, however, we learn most from, and together with, our clients during everyday practical situations.

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