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We want the same things,
but see things differently

Liberty, equality and fraternity. These principles govern our view on collaboration and life itself.

Our origins lie in France. In 2009, we had an epiphany and decided to form an agency together which resulted in more liberty, equality and fraternity in our lives. To this day, these are the guiding principles that govern our approach to collaboration and life itself.
Prior to founding Marqup, we spent fifteen years working in various national and international management positions. This experience helps us empathise with the challenges that leaders and teams face on a daily basis.
We thrive when we can work together to resolve a challenging issue within a single organisation. We see things differently, form different connections and relationships and are not afraid to get in each other’s hair if that helps us achieve a better result in the end. In other words, we make optimal use of our differences.


We believe in the power of people’s uniqueness and individuality.


We believe in equal opportunities for all to have their voices be heard. Diversity is a given and it takes energy to utilise it effectively.


We work closely together with our clients to realise progress and overcome the obstacles we encounter along the way.

Marion is the challenger. She constantly – and sometimes unnecessarily – challenges reality in order to have teams and individuals discover new perspectives and insights.


Claire is the one who makes sure everything is said – sometimes unnecessarily so – to ensure these new insights are actually translated into concrete actions and behaviour.


We distinguish ourselves more by who we are as people than with our knowledge and expertise.


Depending on your needs, we love working together with other experienced, fun and reliable professionals.

Rijksstraatweg 87a
1396 JG Baambrugge

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